Kickin’ it in Western Montana

Sorry I haven’t been updating you on my time in Montana, but I’ve been kickin’ it and been really busy.  This place is an outdoorsmen’s paradise.  How anyone could spend more than a day in this place and deny the existance of God is unfathomable.

I arrived with the beginnings of a head and chest cold, so that really slowed me and paralyzed my planning.  I’ve been winging it and  so far, I have:

I’ll catch you up in detail, including pictures, a bit later I promise.  I’m finishing packing my backpack for an overnight at Lincoln Lake tonight, 8 miles in.  I’ve got to stop at the outfitter on the way to the park this morning to pick up a for extra things for my first night out in grizzly country.

The best way to track me on this trip is by Twitter.  I post a little something there most days.


  • Hiked 16 miles roundtrip to overnight at Lincoln Lake
  • Hike 24 miles roundtrip to overnight at Grace Lake with my friend Dave

I promise, promise, promise, I’m working on getting the photos ready from this trip and a few writeups.  Be patient, it’s worth the wait!