Kickin’ it in Western Montana

Sorry I haven’t been updating you on my time in Montana, but I’ve been kickin’ it and been really busy.  This place is an outdoorsmen’s paradise.  How anyone could spend more than a day in this place and deny the existance of God is unfathomable.

I arrived with the beginnings of a head and chest cold, so that really slowed me and paralyzed my planning.  I’ve been winging it and  so far, I have:

I’ll catch you up in detail, including pictures, a bit later I promise.  I’m finishing packing my backpack for an overnight at Lincoln Lake tonight, 8 miles in.  I’ve got to stop at the outfitter on the way to the park this morning to pick up a for extra things for my first night out in grizzly country.

The best way to track me on this trip is by Twitter.  I post a little something there most days.


  • Hiked 16 miles roundtrip to overnight at Lincoln Lake
  • Hike 24 miles roundtrip to overnight at Grace Lake with my friend Dave

I promise, promise, promise, I’m working on getting the photos ready from this trip and a few writeups.  Be patient, it’s worth the wait!

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  1. We left our blog sitting for a long time! Life happened to us, but also some crazy adventures. Looks like the same has happened for you. Hope to see some new content. We are hoping to pick up writing more ourselves. Hope the best for ya! Let us know if you post anything up we’ll link it on our page!


    Pikka from VentureTree

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